Geek Stuff

This Advising Guide originally was prepared in RStudio using tuftehandout, a Tufte-style html format for RMarkdown using the Tufte Package. Then, in February 2019, the Advising Guide was converted to a bookdown document for delivery simultaneously on the web in HTML, as a downloadable Adobe PDF document, and in an ePub format suitable for many e-book devices.

Watch It – Stay Up-To-Date

You might have printed this Advising Guide from a web page or received an Adobe PDF version of this Guide. The only official, most recently updated version of my Advising Guide always is online at Accept no substitutes for my most recent official Guide. I caution that this Guide is updated online episodically, but frequently. Make sure you are reading the most recent version.

The Very Fine Print

This Advising Guide is meant to inform my graduate student advisees at Penn State. Information provided in this Guide is not meant to supersede any policies established through Penn State administrative documents at any Penn State organization levels: University, College of Education, Department of Learning and Performance Studies, or the Workforce Education and Development program. Nor is it meant to substitute for any similar authoritative directives made, either in general or for their own advisees, by administrators, faculty, and staff at these organization levels. This Guide was not commissioned by Penn State, is not sold, and does not require fee for access.

Mr. Rogers Said to Look for the Helpers

I am grateful for the content and editorial assistance of many people:

  • Chad Chae provided technical guidance about the creation of this document through RMarkdown and taught me how to create the bookdown update to the Guide. Document creation with bookdown allows this Guide to be served simultaneously as an HTML site, as an Adobe PDF file, and in an EPUB format for e-book readers.
  • Pat Macko proofread an initial draft version of this Guide.
  • The second-to-last draft before launch of this Guide benefitted from careful proofreading by Jennifer Nicholas.
  • Dara Sanoubane suggested the addition of a table of contents for the original Guide — solved weakly by including an image in the first draft, but handled by the bookdown package easily.
  • Mohammed Ennin provided valuable corrections to the text in this document.
  • Cesar Padilla found errors and inconsistencies in text which I repaired in Version 2.1 of this document.
  • Penn State faculty member, Ty Hollett, reviewed this document and suggested revisions to include workflow diagrams for degree program completion, a suggestion that I have not been able to put into place yet.
  • Rob Griggs offered helpful cautions about including long in-text quotations, but I have yet to determine how to produce a callout in bookdown.

Go Ahead, Use It

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.