Using this Guide

For Whom Was This Guide Created?

Graduate students use my Advising Guide who began their Workforce Education and Development (WF ED) graduate degree programs during Spring Semester 2016 or after and who are advised by me.1

Available in Alternate Formats

This Guide is downloadable as an ePubs document suitable for portable devices and as an Adobe PDF file.

Ok, So, It’s a Long Read, I Get It

I prefer specificity in such an advising guide to generality. As a consequence of this preference, I designed this Guide to touch many of the details of my interactions with graduate students. These details range widely from procedural requirements to practical nostrums to moral imperatives.

As a result of my preference for specificity, the Guide might be longer than you wish to read. Well, my excuse is that I have much to say to you. I encourage you to read and understand the entire Guide, especially if you are a graduate student I advise or are considering becoming one of my advisees. I have included many of the differences between my advising philosophy and practices and those that other WF ED faculty members might hold or follow.

Perhaps, after reading this Guide, you also find it less informative than you had hoped. If you believe that any matter in the Guide is unclear or is missing, let me know. I will attempt a revision of the Guide.

Not My Last Words…

My Advising Guide is not my last and limited word on graduate studies. Rather, discuss with me any aspect of graduate study that interests you. You will find that you can, and probably will want to, discuss matters with me that even are not governed by this Guide. No topic is off the table.

My young friends, you think I have something hidden away, but I do not. There is nothing I do that I do not share with you — this is the person I am.

~ Confucius2

  1. My personal web site is available at

  2. Paraphrased from ¶7.24 in Eno, R. (2015). The analects of Confucius: An online teaching translation (Version 2.2). Retrieved from