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data analysis

Brief Description

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Penn State Course Prefix & Number

WF ED 540

Description in Penn State Graduate Programs Bulletin

WF ED 540 DATA ANALYSIS IN WORKFORCE EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENT (3) Provides opportunities to acquire and practice skills in descriptive and inferential statistics. (from Penn State University Bulletin).

Role in Graduate Program at Penn State

Successful completion of this course or a course, STAT 500, Applied Statistics, in the Penn State Department of Statistics is a Workforce Education & Development academic program requirement for all graduate students in WF ED.


There are no course completion prerequisites for enrollment by graduate students in Data Analysis in Workforce Education & Development.


During Fall Semesters only.

Current Instructor of Record

David PassmoreDavid L. Passmore is the Instructor-of-Record for WF ED 540; use e–mail address,, for correspondence seeking information about this course. All course enrollee communication occurs through a course-private Piazza online discussion space.

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