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Current Teaching Portfolio
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WF ED 540 – Data Analysis in Workforce Education & Development. Students in all graduate degree programs in WF ED may complete WF ED 540 or STAT 500, Applied Statistics.

WF ED 550 – Research in Workforce Education. Completion required by all WF ED PhD candidates as well as by students in WF ED MS degree program.

WF ED 573 – Needs Assessment for Workforce Development Professionals. An elective course in Penn State’s Master of Professional Studies degree in Organization Development and Change.

WF ED 590 – Industrial Training Professional Seminars
Study of special topics relating to problems, practices, methodologies and special competency needs in industrial training (offered every semester and Summer Session).

WF ED 595A – Field Based Project in Industrial Training
Completion required by PhD candidates and MEd/MS students in the Human Resource Development/Organization Development emphasis.

WF ED 596 – Individual Studies
Creative projects, including nonthesis research, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses. A specific title may be used in each instance and will be entered on the student's transcript. 

WF ED 600 (on-campus), 610 (off-campus) – Thesis Research
Available for credit for thesis or dissertation research. Penn State's Graduate Council Graduate Council has established limits on the total number of research credits that can be assigned quality grades in a studentís program (i.e., other than an R grade): 6 credits for masterís candidates and 12 credits for doctoral candidates.

WF ED 601 (full-time dissertation preparation), 611 (part-time in dissertation preparation)– Ph.D. Dissertation
Available to Ph.D. degree candidates who have passed the comprehensive examination and have met the two-semester residence requirement. These course numbers may be used for dissertation preparation work during its later stages, when the academic activity of the candidate consists partly (611) or solely (601) of work on the completion of research and writing of the dissertation. Registration under these numbers will maintain status as a full-time (601) or part-time (611) Ph.D. student during the interval that begins at the time the student passes the comprehensive examination and meets the two-semester residence requirement and ends at the time the doctoral committee accepts the thesis. Course numbers 601 and 611 do not carry academic credit. They are entered on the academic transcript to indicate the registration and the nature of the candidateís academic activity.