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Current Teaching Portfolio
for David L. Passmore


WF ED 540 – Data Analysis in Workforce Education & Development. Students in all graduate degree programs in WF ED may complete WF ED 540 or STAT 500, Applied Statistics.

WF ED 550 – Research in Workforce Education. Completion required by all WF ED PhD candidates as well as by students in WF ED MS degree program.

WF ED 573 – Needs Assessment for Workforce Development Professionals. An elective course in Penn State’s Master of Professional Studies degree in Organization Development and Change.

WF ED 590 – Industrial Training Professional Seminars
Study of special topics relating to problems, practices, methodologies and special competency needs in industrial training (offered every semester and Summer Session).

WF ED 595A – Field Based Project in Industrial Training
Completion required by PhD candidates and MEd/MS students in the Human Resource Development/Organization Development emphasis.

WF ED 596 – Individual Studies
Creative projects, including nonthesis research, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.

WF ED 600, 610 – Thesis Research

WF ED 601, 611 – Ph.D. Dissertation Full–Time