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Thesis Research is offered for academic credit by the Workforce Education & Development academic program at Penn State during Fall Semester and Spring Semester, but not in Summer Session.

Thesis Research


Penn State Course Prefix & Number

WF ED 600, 610

Description in Penn State Graduate Programs Bulletin

WF ED 600 Thesis Research (0).

Brief Description

WF ED 600 (on campus)/610 (off campus), Thesis Research, is available for credit in thesis research. Enroll in WF ED 600/610 prior to completing your comprehensive examination.



There are no course completion prerequisites for enrollment in this course.


Prior to each semester in which the student wishes to receive academic credit for Thesis Research, the student wishing to enroll in WF ED 600/610 with Passmore must propose the a plan prior to the period of WF ED 600/610 enrollment using the following form:

Form to Create & Submit Semester Plan for Completing Thesis Research

No semester plan = no semester credit. And, as a result, no grade will be recorded.



Thesis Research is a hybrid course delivered on the web and through face-to-face meetings, as specified in the student’s thesis research proposal (long–term) and a semester or Summer Session plan (short–term).


Passmore will review the student’s proposal for a semester/Summer Session plan, negotiate any necessary changes with the student, and, if warranted, approve the proposal. The student and Passmore, then, will follow the approved plan.


Scheduled during Fall Semester or Spring Semester (search LionPath for available course offering).

Instructor of Record

David L. Passmore; use e–mail address,