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Creative Works

1. The poem, Dog, recited on Lawrence Ferlinghetti's 97th birthday:

2. A video rendition of a poem by NoŽl Coward that I created for a celebration of a friend's life: Nothing is Lost

3. I heard the college kids like the MTVs so I decided to use music from a Latvian band and dance from some jitterbuggers to introduce my syllabus for my Data Analysis course that I teach every Fall Semester:

4. When the College of Education was not able to hold a karaoke event at a local establishment due to budget constraints, I invited folks to engage in a virtual karaoke: Karaoke for the College

5. A video rendition of a Billy Collins poem, Aristotle, prepared as a gift for my advisee’s new baby.  

6. For a friend and her daughter who miss their husband and dad: A video and recitation of an ee cummings poem, [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in].

6. Video I made to commemorate the start of Fall Semester 2016 at Penn State: 37 Years at Penn State.

7. In a homage to the great Rogers and Hammerstein musical, Oklahoma, my performance of It's a Beautiful Day in Central Pennsylvania.

8. A recitation of the poem, Forgetfulness, written by former U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins:

9. Archy's Gone, a video I produced to create a lasting memory of the sad, strange, and unaccountable death of Archy, our office cockroach, who earned his name from Archy and Mehitabel.