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david l. passmore

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Previous Penn State Assignments

Director of the Institute for Research in Training & Development.

Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies for the Department of Learning and Performance Systems, Penn State College of Education.

Faculty Associate of the Center for the Study of Higher Education.

Faculty Fellow and Director of the Multimedia Technology Classrooms Group for Penn State Information Technology Services.

Joint academic appointments in Adult Education and the now-defunct Mineral Engineering Management section of Energy and Mineral Management.

Leader, with Rose M. Baker, of the Penn State Workforce Education and Development Initiative, a formal agreement between Penn State’s College of Education and Penn State Outreach.

Professor-in-Charge of Penn State’s Workforce Education & Development academic program.

Senior Scientist in the Institute for Policy Research and Evaluation (morphed into the Social Science Research Institute).

University Director of the Office for the Protection of Human Subjects (morphed into the Office for Research Protections).

Co–Chair (2014–2015), Co–Chair Elect (2013–2014), and Past Co–Chair (2015–2016) of the Penn State Commission for Women.